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American Guild of Court Videographers

Member’s Code of Ethics

  1. Long Island Legal Video Services, as an AGCV Certified Legal Videographer is, in fact acting as an officer of the court when taking testimony under oath (depositions) and shall conduct themselves in a professional, honest, fair and unbiased manner.

  1. Member shall act as an impartial witness when taking a deponent’s testimony and not profit from any transaction requiring the recording of testimony under oath apart from the fee agreed upon with their client to produce it and authorized duplications.

  1. Member shall not execute a false or incomplete document or transaction that the member believes is false, deceptive or fraudulent.

  1. Member shall adhere to the rules of law over the dictates or expectations of any person or entity.

  1. Member shall act as a disinterested third party and not provide unauthorized advice or services during or after recording a deposition.

  1. Member shall provide a certificate of authenticity with every original video recording which was taken during a deposition.

  1. Member will maintain a paper file of very deposition taken for a minimum of 5 years or when authorized to destroy same by the client.

  1. Member shall respect the privacy of each party to a suit and not divulge or use personal or proprietary information disclosed during the execution of recording a deposition to any party.

  1. Member will record each deponent without deliberately or inadvertently producing any negative or positive bias.

  1. Member will keep current on all laws, rules, statutes, practices and requirements of the video recording or depositions.

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